Looking after new puppies and kittens during lockdown:


From 8 weeks for puppies and kittens​​ 

We are now doing puppy and kitten first vaccinations. Please contact the surgery on 01993 703146 for more information.


Microchip placement can be performed at the same time as vaccination if appropriate.


It is important puppies and kittens are wormed monthly until 6 months old and then 3 monthly thereafter. 

During lockdown, as some round worms can be passed to adults and particularly children, you will need to worm your puppy or kitten.  Please call the surgery with an up to date body weight in kilograms and we can dispense an appropriate wormer for your pet.  We can post medication or arrange collection

Flea treatment

It is important to initiate flea protect to avoid infestation

Please call and provide and up to date body weight and give the age of your puppy/kitten, we can supply flea protection.  This can be posted to you or we can arrange collection


Puppy socialisation can usually begin outside of the home environment a week after their second vaccination

During lockdown this will be more challenging, please follow this link to the PDSA website detailing modified socialisation advice https://www.pdsa.org.uk/what-we-do/blog/vet-qa-how-can-i-socialise-my-puppy-during-the-lockdown


We recommend female dogs are neutered at 6 months or 3 months after a season, male dogs can be neutered from 9 months.  Male and female cats can be neutered from 6 months.

We are able to perform neutering in the following situations:

  • Cats of 6 months old and above that are in different sex households or are unable to be kept indoors.
  • Male dogs living with an un-neutered female.
  • Occasionally there will also be behavioural reasons for neutering and if you feel your pet falls into this category, please contact us for more advice.


it is important to arrange insurance for your puppy or kitten