Consultations are by appointment only. We run appointments all day for routine and emergency consultations. For more complicated cases, such as skin problems, we will extend the length of our consultations to allow plenty of time to assess your pet and give it the best possible treatment. For emergency consults outside our normal consulting hours an additional fee may be incurred.


Outside surgery opening times, a 24 hour emergency service is provided by:

TEL: 01993 811355.

The telephone number can also be obtained from a recorded message when calling the Witney or Carterton surgery out of hours.

Home Visits:

We prefer to attend to animals at the surgery as examination can be more thorough and all the necessary equipment and drugs are to hand. However, essential home visits can usually be arranged during weekday mornings, although they incur an extra charge. Please give as much notice as possible.


The supply of many medicines is controlled by law and requires a prescription. We usually supply such medicines directly but can provide a written prescription, if requested, to allow the drug to be sourced from another veterinary surgeon or pharmacy. Our veterinary surgeons can tell you the price of any product which they propose to dispense.

Repeat Prescriptions:

Due to the potential side effects of some drugs, we are obliged to check your pet regularly before supplying medicines. Alternatively a prescription can be provided for supply outside the practice, although the total amount can only suffice until the next check-up date. There is a £12.60 charge for the first item for this service. Each additional item will be at a reduced fee of £10.20. WE REQUEST THAT YOU GIVE US 48 HOURS NOTICE WHEN YOU NEED MEDICATIONS. THIS INCLUDES ANY FLEA AND WORMING TREATMENT.

Fees and Payments:

Fees are set to maintain the high standard of our medical and surgical facilities and we will happily provide an estimate of the probable cost of treatment. Please be aware that any estimate given can only be approximate as a pet’s illness may not follow a predictable course. Payment is expected at the time of consultation or upon collection of your pet. If patients need to be hospitalised for any length of time, then it is our policy to keep clients up to date on the medical situation and the ongoing costs.

Complaints and Standards:

We hope you never have reason to complain about the standard of service received from Tremain Veterinary Group. However, if you have a complaint or wish to make a comment, please direct these in the first instance to one of our receptionists who will refer the matter to our Practice Manager if a satisfactory solution cannot be achieved.

Ownership of Records:

Case records including radiographs and similar documents are the property of the Tremain Veterinary Group. Copies can be provided on request and all the information can be forwarded (with the owner’s consent) to another Veterinary Surgeon.