Carterton Practice

Carterton Practice

A Story of the Carterton Practice

Bertie needed an operation. He was checked by the vet, the procedure was discussed and he was booked in for the following day at Carterton. Sometimes a blood test and intravenous fluid are necessary if a patient is having an anaesthetic, but as Bertie is young and otherwise very well it was not necessary on this occasion.

He was admitted the next morning, having only had water from the night before in preparation for the general anaesthetic. Bertie was wondering what had happened to breakfast!

The nurse weighed Bertie, a name collar was fitted and the consent form completed with Bertie’s owner.

Bertie had a catheter placed in his front leg. He then received a premedication injection. The premedication had both a sedative to help Bertie relax and prepare him for his general anaesthetic and pain relief. He was then made comfortable in his kennel.

After the sedation had taken effect he was ready for his general anaesthetic. Once anaesthetised he was prepared for his surgery and taken into the operating theatre.

Bertie’s operation went well; he was taken back to his kennel where he was monitored by the nurse during his recovery from the general anaesthetic.

Very soon Bertie was feeling alert and ready for a drink and a light meal.

Bertie’s owner made an appointment to collect him. He was discharged by the vet, who discussed Bertie’s procedure and explained the care he would require at home. He was given a buster collar to stop him licking his sutures (stitches).

Bertie came back for a check-up after 2 days and had his sutures removed after 10 days. Bertie was very happy to have his Buster collar removed!