Spring Newsletter March 2014

Staff News

Shirley Gamage, our head receptionist, retired in March. Shirley has worked here for 19 years and is a font of local knowledge. She will be greatly missed. To replace Shirley we will be welcoming Beatrice to the reception team.

Puppy Parties

Our nurses run socialisation parties for puppies under 16 weeks of age. They take place at our Witney surgery on Wednesday evening at 7.30pm. These parties are valuable opportunities for young pups to interact with each other. It is vital that puppies get as many experiences as possible before the age of 16 weeks so that they do not become fearful later in life. Puppies should get used to vacuum cleaners, washing machines, postmen, visitors, car travel, meeting people of all ages, meeting other dogs etc. The classes run for 3 consecutive weeks and cover topics such as worming, vaccination, house training and basic obedience training.

We are pleased to have local animal behaviourist MURIEL BRASSEUR coming to one of the sessions to talk about basic training techniques.

If you have a young puppy and you want to bring him to the puppy parties please leave your name at reception and a nurse will contact you.


Legally every dog owner in England will have to microchip their animal from 2016 under plans to cut a rise in strays.

Microchipping is a form of permanent identification for your pet with its own unique number, which is linked to the national 24 hour pet log database. The database contains all your pets’ details, address and contact numbers. If your pet is found away from home vets, charities and local authorities will scan your pet and retrieve your pet’s details. Your pet can then be reunited with you very quickly.

Remember to update your details with pet log should you move or change phone numbers.

Each microchip is slightly larger than a grain of rice .It is contained within a polymer coating, which sits safely and comfortably under your pets skin.
Implanting a microchip is a straightforward procedure just like giving a injection. The microchip will be inserted in the loose skin on the neck.


We are pleased to have joined the campaign being run by the Dogs Trust and will be doing microchips free of charge starting April 1st 2014 till the 31st March 2015.Please ask at reception for further details.

Flooding Issues

The very wet winter weather has meant that dog walkers are often forced to walk through flooded fields. We have seen an increase in the number of dogs with sudden onset vomiting, diarrhoea and dehydration. It seems to be associated with drinking from dirty water. Several cases have needed intravenous fluid treatment, and usually have recovered after 24 hours. We would urge owners to try and restrict access to flooded areas and to discourage dogs from drinking from puddles.


The last time we had severe flooding we saw a marked increase in Myxomatosis in domestic rabbits. We think this was due to wild rabbits dying in the flooded fields and the
Virus being spread by insects feeding on their bodies. We would advise all rabbit owners to vaccinate rabbits annually, preferably in the spring so that they are covered for the high-risk summer period. Even indoor rabbits are at risk .

Nurse Clinics

We are pleased to be regularly running our Wellbeing Clinics for patients over 7 years of age, this involves a free NURSEhealth check and the opportunity to discuss any ageing concerns you have with your pet.

We are also running adolescent health checks for your pets when they are 6months of age , whic